An assessment of endocrine disrupting pesticides by PAN Europe

Assessment of pesticides NEW

PAN Europe completed an impact assessment study showing which pesticides are endocrine disrupting chemicals. We used all available data, both industry's dossiers and independent scientific literature and assessed which pesticides should be banned according to the Pesticide Regulation (chemicals with endocrine properties that may cause adverse effects) and which ones are likely to be banned according to the commission's options (as explained in the EDCs-Roadmap and PAN Europe's position on roadmap). The detailed analysis of the results is given in Annex Ia and Ib.




Unlike the exaggerated claims by the industry and farmers- for example that up to 100 pesticides will be banned by the EU resulting in a massive economic impact in agriculture- our report reveals that only seven, four or zero pesticides are likely to be regulated according to the Commission's proposal. Further, we carried out an in-depth analysis on alternatives to these pesticides (Annex II) and we also evaluated the flaws of the industry-reports that claim huge costs and yield losses if such pesticides are banned (Annex III). Finally, we analysed the inadequacy of an "economic" impact assessment for decisions that aim to protect human and environmental health and we have given suggestions on what extra elements must be considered by the Commission, that are repeatedly neglected because they don't have a market value (Annex IV).

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