About Childprotect

Childprotect, an advocacy program to realise a policy to protect people and the environment against the harms of endocrine disrupting chemicals.

PAN Europe started in July 2013 a joint project with WECF (Woman for a common future in Europe) and 'Gezinsbond', a Flemish consumer organisation, on endocrine disruption, also sponsored by the LIFE+ program of the European Union. The project called 'Childprotect' will inform the public on the risks of endocrine disrupting chemicals in food and other products, will train and strategise with NGO's, will organise science round tables, lobby politicians and propose alternatives to companies. The program will run till April 17, 2015.

Report of the activities


Activity B 1.2.C Science policy round table : Report

Annex B 1.2.C The science round table

Information Package:

Other relevant documents:


Activity B 1.3 : Report

Annex B 1.3. Training session


Activity B 1.4.2: Report

Annex B 1.4.2. Policy recommendations

EDCs-Roadmap position Paper


Other relevant documents:


Activity B 2.1 : Report

Annex B 2.1. Food sector 

Activity B 3.2: Report

Annex B 3.2. Informing consumers


Activity B 4.1 : Report