Number 2: Tomatoes

Number of potential different ED pesticides : 20


Tomatoe presents an average amount of pesticides EDCs found of  700 microgrammes per kilogramm which represents 20 times more than the  amount in one contraceptive pill.


To download the complete data for tomatoes, click here.

ED pesticides residues identified by PAN Europe :

  1. Bifenthrin
  2. Captan
  3. Carbendazim and benomyl
  4. Chlorothalonil
  5. Chlorpyrifos-methyl
  6. Cypermethrin (sum)*
  7. Cyproconazole
  8. Deltamethrin
  9. Dimethoate (sum)*
  10. Dithiocarbamates (mancozeb)**
  11. Flutriafol
  12. Iprodione
  13. Methomyl and Thiodicarb
  14. Myclobutanil
  15. Oxamyl
  16. Penconazole
  17. Propamocarb (sum)*
  18. Pyrimethanil
  19. Pyriproxyfen
  20. Tebuconazole

* "Sum" means that EFSA calculated the sum of similarly acting chemicals.

** Here, the "sum" is the sum of the individual amounts of dithiocarbamate chemicals, including mancozeb.

To download the complete data for tomatoes, click here.

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