Say “no” to hormone disrupting chemicals

Tell the european commission that you want to remove hormone disrupting chemicals from our lives to protect our health!

PAN Europe and all members of the EDC-free coalition invite you to take action!

The European Commission has launched a public consultation, which is very technical and seems uninterested in the public opinion on hormone disrupting chemicals. But we have made it easy for you to make your voice heard! Just fill in the information below and with four simple steps, your submission will be sent directly to the European Commission.
The prepared answers to the consultation are available via the Questions and answers link below to the right so you can read these before taking action below.

The public consultation is open until 16 January 2015 and it is available in 7 languages. You can find more about the consultation on the European Commission website.

Thank you for your participation!

Kind regards,

EDC-Free Europe

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(PAN Europe is an active member of the EDC-free coalition: A coalition of more than 50 organizations across Europe that have come together through a concern about endocrine disrupting chemicals – EDCs - and aim to raise public awareness and urge quicker governmental action. Our campaign partners include trade unions, consumers, public health and healthcare professionals, advocates for cancer prevention, environmentalists and women’s groups.)

To find more about the EDC-free coalition go to