Eat organic!

Organic production is completely free of synthetic pesticides. Food items are grown according to very strict set of rules which guarantee that harmful chemicals are not used. PAN Europe therefore strongly encourages consumers to eat organic to the highest extent possible, especially pregnant women and children.

If you do not consume organic products only, set priorities:

Avoid eating non-organic products which often contain pesticide residues such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and apples –especially for children and pregnant women.Use our “ranking” and prefer spinach over lettuce, carrots over tomatoes, etc.
Make sure that small children do not put unpealed citrus fruits into their mouth: they could encounter high amounts of EDCs on the shell surface of these fruit.
Peeling reduces the pesticide load of conventional fruits and vegetables.  Appart from systemic pesticides that go through the skin and flesh of food items or plants, pesticides residues are indeed mostly concentrated in the skin of the products.
Washing your products is always a good habit to keep in mind.
You can feed babies with specific babyfood. The EU sets stricter residues limits for these products.
Use your rights as a consumer and send letters to politics and food retailers to ban ED pesticides !